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Bankruptcy  | Alan L Sykes Attorney At Law

Filing for bankruptcy is a highly stressful and confusing time. The law office of Alan L. Sykes understands how to navigate...

Wills and Probate  | Alan L Sykes Attorney At Law

Successful wills and probate administration needs expert legal knowledge as well as a passionate desire...

Real Estate Attorney Law  | Alan L Sykes Attorney At Law

Alan L. Sykes, Attorney at Law provides the Rice Lake, WI region with effective representation and knowledgeable counseling...

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The sudden economic downturn caused tremendous financial difficulties for a great many people. If you have found yourself struggling with debts and a lack of sufficient income, the Alan L. Sykes Law Office will help to guide you through this challenging time.

Alan L. Sykes Attorney at Law is Rice Lake, WI’s premier legal service for bankruptcy, wills and probate, and real estate law. For more than three decades, I have long been a respected provider of legal representation to thousands of clients. I pride myself in offering effective legal representation at an affordable rate.

I will offer you years of bankruptcy expertise. Whether you have issues with credit card debt, medical bills, wage garnishments, real estate debt or trustee sales, I can help you manage your difficulties through bankruptcy protection.

Wills and probate regulations are a very complex network of processes that should not be negotiated without a significant amount of knowledge and experience. I will offer you the skill and determination in order to assist you in protecting your rights and assets.

If you are entering into a commercial real estate transaction, please give our office a call. I will help you with all potential zoning, tenant and land use disputes, as well as help you to draft and file all of the required documents.

Don’t let your financial situation put your future security at risk. Call the office of Alan L. Sykes, Attorney at Law for a free consultation today.