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Real Estate Attorney Law - Secure Your Invenstments

Real Estate Attorney Law  | Alan L Sykes Attorney At Law - Rice Lake, WI

Alan L. Sykes, Attorney at Law provides the Rice Lake, WI region with effective representation and knowledgeable counseling services in the area of real estate attorney law. Whether you are disputing a real estate sale or entering an investment property transaction, I am prepared to offer the necessary guidance to ensure the process is smooth and profitable.

When you enter into a residential real estate transaction, there are many complicated and sometimes aggravating circumstances that may arise. From zoning and tenant disputes to land use ordinances, I will help you to understand all of the complex legalities attached to residential real estate practices.

I have years of experience, and am skilled in the following areas of real estate attorney law:

• Dispute resolution between tenants and landlords
• Title reviews
• Rental lease contracts
• Purchase agreements
• Sale and purchase of large-scale properties (apartment complexes and condominiums)

If you are beginning a commercial real estate transaction, you need an attorney behind you that will help you to understand the processes and fight any disputes or irregularities.

I will provide assistance with:

• Zoning and land use regulations
• Collections processes and evictions
• Foreclosures
• Leasing of commercial properties
• Purchase of commercial properties

I am also fully prepared to provide estate administration assistance for the donation of your property for nature conservatories or sanctuaries after your lifetime.

I will give you with personal assistance from the start of your transaction to the finish. I have the knowledge and the resources that will help you to protect your interests and secure your investments. For a free real estate attorney law consultation, please contact my office today.