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Wills and Probate  | Alan L Sykes Attorney At Law - Rice Lake, WI

Successful wills and probate administration needs expert legal knowledge as well as a passionate desire to represent your rights and interests. The office of Alan L. Sykes offers the Rice Lake, WI community just such vigorous and skilled representation.

As an attorney specializing in probate for more than thirty years, my background in drafting wills and trusts gives me the expertise to offer you thorough guidance through the probate process, whether you are an heir, trustee or beneficiary. I am dedicated to protecting your financial interests and helping to guide your assets management.

The legal process of probate can be long and complex. Oftentimes, multiple filings and court proceedings are required, necessitating detailed, fast and thorough administration. I will locate your assets, assist with filing tax returns, manage estate claims evaluation and sell real estate. Should litigation result from a dispute, I will defend or contest a will.

The effective execution of wills and probate requires not only extensive legal knowledge, but financial expertise, as well.

I will assist you with the following:

• Living trust preparation
• Asset transfer to living trust
• Trustee appointment
• Trust property management and administration
• Trust-related tax management

Improper wills and probate representation can result in rights and asset forfeiture, and ill equipped trust administration can lead to unsuccessful litigation. The office of Alan L. Sykes Attorney at Law will provide guidance and counsel throughout the life of a trust and help you to protect your financial rights. Please give me a call to schedule your free wills and probate consultation.